Robert Cole Manning

Added: December 24th, 2007


There's not much of an update for February. This was taken for Philip, but we forgot to have it developed for when he arrived back from Brazil in July. Robert also took his first steps on February 19th!

Em teu seio, Liberdade
in thy bosom, O freedom
Robert's first steps!
5.06 MB


Happy 1st birthday, Robert! Here are all of the birthday pictures we took. Plus, a movie of us singing Happy Birthday to Robert! We're almost as bad as the Mannings. Robert had also been up the entire day with Mom and Dad. We didn't even get him down for an afternoon nap.

Happy Birthday!
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I do this when I'm tired
Enough Cake!
I think I'm done
I really think I'm done
The bath water was brown
Daddy got me this shirt!
Sugar's Balancing Act
Catch, Mom!
What the hose!?
Unbuilt HAM Tower
Good ol' Texas soil
The water was cold!
REALLY cold!!

April, May

Didn't seem to get many pictures or video for this month, either. I need to learn how to take my camera everywhere I go, like Marnie does.

Hey, cool dude!
Can I go outside?
Feelin' lazy

June, July

It was during June and July that Texas had seen its highest amount of rainfall in 17 years--the last time Lake Texoma spilled over the spillway, flooding The Red River.

Bob and Rose's bedroom flooded a little bit, with most of the flooding hitting the sunroom. Luckily our shack we were staying in was on a foundation, so we didn't get flooded out.

I've left these shots in high resolution, so you can see them better.

Outside the front window
Two-lane road
Corner intersection
More peanuts!

July Manning Visit

We had such a blast visiting the ENTIRE family up in Utah in July. We all wish we could go back, but we belong down here for now.

Just my size
Gimmie the camera!
Hello, Megan Gee!
Mmmm, Life Saver!
Robert and Lewis(Louis?)

That's all for this update! Once I get the pictures from my SD card, I will update more!