Robert Cole Manning

Last Updated: October 31st, 2006 @ 10:54am CST

Robert Cole Manning


Thanks to my new web hosting service, I now have space for ALL of Robert's baby pictures and movies! I've had such a busy schedule since moving to Texas, so I am very sorry for the lack of updates...One of the major reasons I signed up for my hosting service, is because it gives me a reason to keep updating the web site...Well, except for all you viewers of course.

I don't have enough time to update the entire website, but here are the previous websites!

March 5th through March 14th!

March 15th through March 26th!

May 2nd through May 27th: After realizing that I was going to give you a time frame, I didn't think that when I moved the pictures over to my camera, that Windows would change the date on the files once they were moved over. So, I took a guess of when these pictures were actually taken, and I was right- but instead of split it up in weeks, I've split it up into two sections, spanning more than one month of pictures.

Two Months After the Blessing
Two Months After the Blessing #2
Just a LITTLE Tired!
I See You in That Mirror, Mom!
Look! I See Another Baby!
Being Naked Is Fun!
Is That For Me?
Mom, You Make Me Laugh!
All the Chicks Will Dig My Muscles
Is That Mom I See?
Daddy Corrupting Me Early
Nerding it Up With Dad
Nerding it Up With Dad #2
Being a Nerd Was Boring
Not in the Mood For Pictures!
I Love Car Rides!
My Robert DeNiro Impression
I Love Going On Walks!
Whoa, it's a Camera!
Here's Lookin' At You, Mom!
That's Not Me! Imposter!
Grandpa is So Cuddly

May 28th through June 16th: It was sometime this week where Robert finally figured out he could manipulate his own hand and fingers, and find his thumb. We had a huge amount of thumb-sucking pictures, but we picked out the cutest ones, which were only two, down in this selection of pictures below!

After a Bath
Happy To Be Nerdy
Aunt Cami Put These On Me!
Me in My Bath Robe
No Peripheral Vision!
Hi Mom, I'm Nerding With Dad!
Smiling On My Favorite Blanket!
Smiling On My Favorite Blanket!
Smiling On My Favorite Blanket!
I See You There!
"Sleep Therapy"
"Sleep Therapy"
Like a True Man
Requires Quicktime
Baby Butt!